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The mission at Medlock and Sons is simple: We fix them right the first time, on time, every time.
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Medlock & Sons: Keeping Your EV on the Road


This ethos has echoed throughout their shop since day one and continues to be the guiding principle they abide by with the shop’s dedication to providing high-quality, focused, and customer-oriented service guaranteed to keep customers coming back for consistent service across the board.

For over 10 years, Tesla and other EV owners have trusted Medlock & Sons with the maintenance and repair of their beloved vehicles.

Built by experience

Since they were early employees of Tesla, the shop was used by the company before their first Seattle service center opened. You might say the team knows a few things about these cars.

Original Tesla Roadsters are a common sight in and outside of the shop. We will do it all, from changing wiper blades to restoring crashed cars that Tesla won’t touch. We will refurbish electronic parts, and if your car needs a replacement body part that is unobtainable, we will make it.

Medlock and Sons Team

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Meet the Team.

Carl Medlock - Owner

Carl Medlock - Owner

Born in Basin City, Washington, Carl learned early on from his family that reputation was something highly valued and respected in his small hometown. This proved more meaningful than he could have imagined as he entered the workforce and developed not only a reputation but a value system premised in being straightforward and approachable, and as someone who goes above and beyond to provide great customer service.

Starting out as a technician at Ford, Lincoln Mercury Land Rover, and Jaguar, he garnered nearly 20 customer service awards before moving into the independent repair and technician space. Eventually, he was on Tesla's radar, where they hired him in 2009.

Family strong business

From 2009 to 2013, Carl was a territory manager for burgeoning start-up company, Tesla. Shortly thereafter, Carl took his knowledge of and passion for Teslas and EVs in general to the Pacific Northwest and opened a repair shop with his sons, which quickly gained notoriety in the region, before gaining national and international attention.

Carl’s unique fascination and experience with Tesla Roadsters specifically is what drives a surprising amount of the business at Medlock and Sons, but they work on all models of Tesla and EVs in general, making them the most sought after Tesla body shop in the PNW and beyond.

Randy, Kelvin, and Austin Medlock

Randy, Kelvin, and Austin Medlock

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